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How I Review Gold Paydirt

Below is the table I use when I review paydirt. All are on a 10 point system, even if the ROI is over 100% they get a 10 score.

  Review Criteria   Example of Score
#1 ROI Gold Value / Paydirt Cost
#2 AROI   (Gold Value -18%) / Paydirt Cost
#3 Fun Factor 2 Would rather have dug though cat litter box
    4 If it didn't have gold would have sucked!
    6 Not good not bad, mmehhh!
    8 Left wanting more!
    10 Man that was fun and relaxing! Hot Damn!
#4 Value   ROI + AROI + Value /3
#5 Overall Experience 2 You really can't get worse then this!
    4 Welcome to suck town USA!
    6 Pretty good, but could have been way better!
    8 Almost perfect!
    10 Amazing!
#6 Paydirt Description 2 Not one word
    4 They managed a sentence! Woo Hoo
    6 Basic description missing lots of info
    8 Describes most of what you will get
    10 Very Detailed Description
#7 Paydirt Quantity 2 Who stole my dirt?
    4 Is this a joke?
    6 Something is missing
    8 Slightly Short
    10 A little over so your not paying for a bag
#8 Paydirt Packaging 2 No packaging
    4 Cheap Ziploc (2mil or less)
    6 Ziploc Bag (3 mil)
    8 Coffee Bag
    10 Mylar HD Bag (6 mil or better)
#9 Customer Service 2 Wish they wouldn't have replied
    4 Nonexistent
    6 Slow reply & ignored all questions
    8 Slow reply & didn't answer all questions
    10 Fast Reply & answered all questions
#10 Shipping 2 Took forever & Rip Off shipping
    4 Long ship time or Expensive Shipping
    6 Week late or added handling charge
    8 A buck too much or 3 days late
    10 Fast and cheap like I like it!

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