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Gold Prospecting at Menards

Gold Prospecting at Menards:

Well I am sure you have all seen the videos where prospectors check for gold in Home Depot Sand. Recently Klesh Guitars shot a video where he found a speck of gold from a few bags. Something previously done by Jeff Williams and before that by Tom Massey. So I Gold Prospecting at Menards but my prospecting would be a little different.

I knew if I came home with 100 lbs of sand my wife would kill me. Now if i came home with 100 lbs of river pebbles for her gardens, well that would be okay. So off I went to go Gold Prospecting at Menards via 10 bags of river pebbles. I washed all of the river rocks off and ran them through a 1/4″ classifier to get what I wanted, the heavies.

One Hundred pounds of river rocks turned into 4 lbs of panning material. Of that about half was over 10 mesh and that is where  I hit the mother load, a NUGGET. Well a nugget of fools gold, but still was something. It gave me a slight glimmer that just maybe this would get me one little speck, which is all I was looking for. Once i got the the under 10 material my hoes dimmed and dimmed as I panned and panned. In the end all I found was one small nugget of Pyrite (Fools Gold), but many a miners has fallen for its glittery goodness. Just not me, and not today.

While I found no gold, I wasn’t surprised, the river rocks I purchased from Menards came from LeClaire Iowa. A city on the Mississippi river, which leads me to believe that is where the rocks came from and the Mississippi has very little gold in it. I am not discourage though, maybe if I try rocks form another store? Maybe next time……

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