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Kougarok 1lb Nome Beach Concentrates Paydirt Review

kougarok paydirt review

The Review of Kougarok Nome Beach Concentrates Paydirt: I originally saw the Kougarok paydirt on amazon and it has always intrigued me. Like most people I only know about Nome because of the show Bearing Sea Gold. So I really wanted to buy a bag to see what the paydirt …

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Lynch Mining 2017 Black Friday Sale

Lynch Mining Black Friday Sale

Lynch Mining 2017 Black Friday Sale Lynch Mining is one of my favorite sellers so figured might as well promote their Black Friday Sale. With paydirt up to 50% off a new and faster shipping policy you really can’t go wrong.

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Jimbos Gold 1lb Extreme Difficulty Paydirt Review

jimbosgold paydirt review

The Review of Jimbos Gold Extreme Difficulty Paydirt: Scared! That is the first thing that I felt when I originally saw the description of this paydirt. Yet for some bizarre reason I still ordered it. Was I crazy, or just a glutton for punishment? I have no idea, but order …

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Constellation Mining Company 1lb Paydirt Review

Amazon Constellation Mining Company Review

The Review of Constellation Mining Company Paydirt: It is always great to see an old friend after several years. That is how I felt when I got in my bag of paydirt from Constellation Mining Company. I have panned many a bags of Lyra’s paydirt when I first started and …

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Prospector John 2oz Concentrate Paydirt Review

Ebay Seller Paydirt Review

The Review of Prospector John 2oz Concentrate Paydirt: After my last two bags of paydirt from Prospector John I was a little worried about this one. Not so much it wouldn’t have gold, but that some how it would still end up disappointing me even if it did. Well guess …

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Prospector John 2lb Raw Tombstone Paydirt Review

Ebay Seller Paydirt Review

The Review of Prospector John 2lb Raw Tombstone Paydirt: So even after my not so great review of my Prospector John Alaska Paydirt. I was still super excited for this Tombstone paydirt, because it would be something new. Open pit mined crushed ore! That is not something you see listed …

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Prospector John 2lb Raw Alaska Paydirt Review

Ebay Seller Paydirt Review

The Review of Prospector John 2lb Raw Alaska Paydirt: This is a review I have been dreading doing for so long. Not because I am not a fan of the paydirt but because Prospector John was the 1st paydirt I ever bought. I stumbled upon his old website one day …

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Felix Paydirt Free Sample Review

felix paydirt free sample review

The Review of Felix Paydirt Free Sample: So everyone loves free right, so who could pass up on free paydirt. On a recent visit to the website FelixPaydirt.com I remembered that they offer a free sample of the paydirt they sell. Get your free sample today and we will rush …

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SOOCOO 1080P Action Camera Review


Reviewing a new Action Camera: One of the problems with shooting lots of reviews is you always need more and more cameras. You need them for different angles, different speeds, and so on and so on. So I a always needing to add to my current camera collection to continue …

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GPAA Fine Gold Mini Sluice


The GPAA Gutter Mini Sluice: I have been wanting to get a mini sluice for a while now and the GPAA Mini Sluice seemed like the perfect choice. I needed something I could use in a recirculating system. It also had to really catch gold, and be at a low …

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Places to sell placer GOLD

Where to sell placer GOLD! One of the great things about mining for gold, whether it’s from real mining or buying paydirt online, is the gold itself. It’s shiny, it looks beautiful and it is worth money! That is where the problem comes in for some people, where to sell …

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Prospector Matt 1lb Alaskan Paydirt Review

prospectormatt paydirt review

The Review of Prospector Matt 1lb Alaskan Paydirt: Today is my last day trying out the paydirt from Prospector Matt and I did it with his Alaskan paydirt. This by the way is something he no longer carries due to what Matt says was inconsistency problems with the paydirt. I …

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