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DirtHoggPaydirt.com (1lb Bag) (2nd Review)

To start things off I want to apologize it took me oh so long to put up another review. It hasn’t been because I didn’t want to, but I recently had some medication changes and wanted some time to acclimate to them. So spent a while just chilling with the …

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GoldenSpearMine.com 300g bag

Before I begin today’s review I need to apologize for my camera. It is dying and haven’t had the time or funds to replace yet. Hopefully by my next video review it will be on a new camera. I had had plans to replace it for a while but like …

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KlondikeKlinkers.com (8oz Cascade Bag)

Well this part is going to be short and sweet since I already said everything I needed to say earlier today. Well on to the review and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE so as to not miss any of my reviews. The Review: I had so much …

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KlondikeKlinkers.com (4oz Sample Bag)

I had hoped to have a more productive month this month but my health decided otherwise. So after spending 2 weeks in and out of doctors offices I finally got some free time to pan out some gold from my stockpile. I even managed to pan 2 bags so another …

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MikesGoldPaydirt.com (1/2lb Bag)

I managed to get in another review before the end of the month, so hopefully next month will be just as productive. I still have a stockpile of equipment I need to review as well, I just need the weather to co-operate. I have a few new pans I want …

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LynchMining.com (Superstition Mountain 5lb Bag)

lynchmining paydirt review

So as promised a much speedier turn around on a new review. So not only is the new review up my new site review system is up and running with about 95% of all reviews updated to the new rating system. I still need to adjust a few old reviews to …

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JimbosGold.com (1lb Arizona Bag)

jimbosgold paydirt review

So managed to get this review up today as promised! I plan on having a lot more videos in a much more timely fashion. I also plan on having the new and improved GoldPaydirtReviews.com finished by the end of the month. I think I am going to do away with …

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GoldNGemGrubbinStore.com (Gem Paydirt)

It has been a while and sadly this isn’t going to be a paydirt review. The good news is paydirt reviews are coming soon and a lot of them. In fact, I plan on having a lot more videos coming each month. Other good news is most of the updates …

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AlaskanGoldDigginPartners.com (5lb Unsearched Bag)

The Review of Alaskan Gold Diggin Partners Paydirt: Well surprise surprise surprise, this review is late as “always”. I actually got the paydirt finished and had video and everything done in time, but damned life took over and didn’t have time to post this. Plus what free time I had …

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EurekaGoldSands.com (1lb Bag)

As usual, this review is late. I was working on another review and it would have been up on time, but ran into a problem so had to delay that one. Luckily though managed to get another bag of paydirt to review. So while a day late I do have …

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3HorsesPaydirts.com (6oz “Feather River” Paydirt)

As usual, this video is a little late, but I guess a little late is better than never. So I decided to be a glutton for punishment and review 3HorsesPaydirt for the 3rd time. I have previously reviewed him twice before but under his eBay account name (WolfJeff). If you …

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