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Bkj1862 (Ebay Seller) (4lbs Monkey Mountains)

Update: Bkj1862 has not sold any paydirt in over a year so moving to no longer sold section. Well, I am losing all faith in Ebay Sellers. Seems the more I buy on ebay the lower my ROI ends up. While I love panning, mining and GOLD, it has become hard …

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Idaho98 (Ebay Seller) (2lbs Panning Gravel)

Update: Idaho98 has not sold any paydirt in over a year so moving to no longer sold section. So this was a week of total opposites. Last week I got a new ROI champ with some seriously hard to pan Pay Dirt. Now this week I have a new all …

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GoldHog.com (Online Seller) (Mystery Cons)

Update: GoldHog no longer sells its Mystery Cons. Now they sell RawPaydirt, you can read the review HERE Well it is time for another review. Took me a few days but managed to get another one done. The Pay Dirt is starting to stack up again, think I have 12 bags …

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El_Dorado_Gold (Ebay Seller) (EL Dorado Rich GOLD)

Ebay Seller Paydirt Review

Update: This sellers site has now closed! So managed to go through 2 bags of pay dirt over the weekend but after that got busy so here is the 1st of the 2 reviews from this weekends panning….. The Review: So the first thing I noticed when I opened the …

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GotNuggets.com (Online Seller) (2nd Purchase)

Forgot to finish this review yesterday so here it is. The Review: So when I purchased this pay dirt I actually ordered two bags to try and help with the shipping costs. Again bag was really nice and easy panner. However again any decent amount of gold found is ruined …

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CarolinaPayDirt.com (Online Seller) ($94.99 Combo Box)

Update: Sadly it seems CarolinaPaydirt.com has closed it’s doors. Hopefully they come back as they had a good product. Well after a short break here is my most recent review. The Review: I originally wanted to just buy the picker and concentrate bag they offered for sale but I love …

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S.B.Prospecting (Ebay Seller) (1lb Concentrates)

UPDATE This seller changed his name form Sluicboy Prospecting to S.B.Prospecting Before I get into this review of S.B.Prospecting I wanted to comment how very pleased I was with the customer service they provided to me. My wife had been begging me for some bags of Gem Stone Pay Dirt …

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moree1971 (Ebay Seller) (Pickers In The Pan 4oz)

Update: This seller’s site has now closed! Here is today’s second review, and hopefully tomorrow I can knock out another two. My wife says I can’t buy any more Pay Dirt until I plow through some of my stockpiles. The Review: So, I just had a great conversation with Jason …

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Constellation Mining Company (1lb Bag)

Well seems like forever since I managed to dig into any of my stockpiled Pay Dirt. So managed to get two bags panned out and this is the 1st of the two reviews for today. The Review: First let me say this seller also sells on Amazon and ebay (Elkie13) …

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Alabama Gold Camp Review Part 3 of 3

Well took me long enough to get this 3rd review up! So this final review is going to be on my last day at the Alabama Gold Camp and my experience with the Dredge you can rent from them. First let me say wow what a blast. This thing was …

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